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Friday, January 30, 2009

fun in the sun

When there is a foot of snow on the ground, nothing is nicer then a get away to a warm beach Alan and I had such a great time with Casey (our daughter) and Cori (a friend of the family)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Older chidren in our Mothers touch signature series

We have been asked what if my child is a little older. Well as you can see. They will look great sitting in a flower.

Utah baby photography - Amelia

Watson wedding restorations

Even if we didn't take the photographs for this wedding 50 years ago, we still have a great time making them a work of art that they will always charish.

Utah engagement photography - The Nielsen

If you go to our web page, you will se that we are a favorite photographer for several of the reception halls in the local area. Places like Northhampton House, Mellor Hidden Meadows, Noah's, Somewere Inn Time, Thanksgiving Point, and White Willow. We do weddings all over the valley. If you are interested in a destination wedding; we do those too.

Utah wedding photography - Wedding albums

Here is a few pages from the wedding book for the Hawker wedding. Salt Lake City is such a great place for a wedding. These bridals are took at Thanksgiving Point. There gardens are so great to have photos in.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Berrett Family

When we push the button on the camera, the work on your wall portrait has just begun! No one wants "reality". We want perfection! Now take a look at the first image. Looks pretty good, doesn't it? After all the settings nice, the equipment and lighting were professional grade stuff... But it could be better! See those power lines? And although there was lots of snow, it didn't look "fresh". And with all that snow, we ended up with a few gaps where folks just couldn't sit. Gaps! We just can't have that! Now what you can't see is rubber mats folks are sitting on (wouldn't want to get wet, now would we?) A few folks blinking, maybe kids looking the wrong way. Now look at the "improved" version. Can you see the added snow? (Hard to miss!) It is a little had to see with this being so small, but EVERY face has been worked on. Sharpen the eyes a little here, soften a wrinkle or two there.. We want every portrait that comes out of our office to be the best that it can be. Quality is what it is all about.

Remember our no fuss guarantee... if you don't like your portrait, we'll make it right or refund you money!Now some folks wonder why we don't provide the CD with all the high resolution files on it. On every session, we take hundreds of images. Could you just imagine the amount of time it would take to customize each and every one? If you had a restaurant, and you sold steak and lobster, would you still sell it if it wasn't cooked to perfection? Well, we feel the same way. Every file could become a print, and I want my stamp of approval on every portrait that leaves my studio!

Utah family photography -The Covington family

There is a before and after shot for you. The snow was still on the ground, but the snow had fallen from the trees already. Thats alright; we just fix it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Berrett Family

I sure was so surprised when all these beautiful gals showed up in high hills wanting photos in our studio gardens. I have to admit; it made for a fun video. Just click on the arrow on picture to get slideshow running.

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