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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Utah family photography -A letter from a facebook fan

"I have spent the last 30+ minutes checking your website out. I have to say you are freakin awesome. I know a true artist. I know where I'm taking my family when we visit Utah. Your Studio!"-Ron

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Upcoming specials for children 8 and under

Howdy Partner!
July 21-22
Celebrate Pioneer day by dressing up in your little pioneer in western clothing, and taking his portrait next to our Old West setting.

Catch the Big One!
August 19-20

Everyone knows that trying to catch a fish is half the fun! Watch your little fisherman try his luck in our fountain or waterfall.

My Best friend
September 8-9
Have your child bring their favorite pet! They'll have a good time playing with them in our beautiful gardens.

Fall Frolic
October 6-7

Nothing says fall better than playing in big piles of leaves.

When I have grown a foot or two
November 17-18

Dress up your son in one of our suits as a "Future Missionary" or your little girl in our wedding dress, superimposed in front of a temple

Call for an appointment
$39 for a 30 minute session and a sheet of (2) 5x7s
Attend three of our specials, and receive a free panoramic containing pictures from each session.

Garden Portraits

Well, with lots of rain, comes lots of green plants! Boy, do our gardens look good this year! We've got more flowers, vines, and shrubs then we've ever had before. It is so nice to be able to photograph outside! Almost every picture I post was taken in our Portrait Gardens, or in our nice, modern studio.

The other day, we were enjoying the American Fork Concert in the Park (Mondays @ 7 at the amphitheater, across from the temple, its free... you should go!), we counted no less than 5 photographers, all trying to photograph families and couples. It was almost comical how they all got in each others way! (not to mention, they didn't know about the concert, or I'm sure they would have scheduled it a different night.)

We don't have to share with other photographers. In fact, about once a week, I catch photographers trying to sneak onto our grounds and take pictures! (I finally posted signs) Sounds selfish, I know, but we spend thousands of dollars, and countless hours on beautifying our grounds. In addition to the plants, we use radio controlled lighting to get that studio perfection that those other photographers can only wish for.

Here's a few of this weeks children that we've had fun photographing. I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as Alan & I did!

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