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Monday, December 5, 2011

Can everyone afford me? #utahcountyphotographer

As I read other photographer's blogs and Facebook pages, I often hear the comment "I believe in offering an inexpensive product that everyone can afford!" I guess I'm not that kind of photographer. Most everyone I know can afford to eat at McDonalds. You know, I can't remember the last time I had a Big Mac. Yes, it's affordable. Do I want it? No. I'd rather pay more, and get something I'd enjoy eating. I guess that my prices aren't for everyone. I'm ok with

I got together with some of the local photographers for a Christmas luncheon. It was nice to hob knob with other people that think the way that I do. One thing I think we all agree on, selling someone a CD with an entire session of (un)edited images on it is doing no one a favor. Line up 5 photographers (with professional cameras) and you get 5 similar images. But turn us loose in Photoshop, and each one of us will have an individual style manifest itself on our image. 50 files on a CD doesn't show the uniqueness and personality of the artist that created them. But give me a half hour or so, and you'll have an original portrait that I'd be proud to sign.

Here's a finished file...

and here's how it came out of the camera. It's a great photo, lighting is good, composition is balanced, but I'm sorry, It's not finished! I look at a file out of the camera as a raw ingredient, ready to create something tasty!
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